Thursday, 7 February 2013

40 year old wow

Dont tell me what to do


Remmember when there was no internet

I wish i could record my dreams

Like a bosss

Wow beautiful birds

Shit just got serious

Wow another troll lookalike found

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You must be tired awwww

Stand infront of the mirror

Look at all the exams

Couples and foreveralone

Real life barbie and ken woowww they look fake

Lol on the bright side

No please noo!!!

My mum says im special

Is dat hair from your ears

When you realize you'll shit bricks

Uploaded with an airfreshner

Il be the first to step on sun haha

Water haha

I just realizedd :o

Send me your pik

Share if you get the trick lol

Share if you love your mom


Together forever

Baby greetings lol

If you remember him

Awww cute friendship

Do you have a bathroom

Little angel haha

Is that hair coming fron your ears


Can we keep him

850 licks to the centre

Freiends foreever

That ass

Theres always 1 picture spoiler

Student of the next year

Its the bitch herself

Omg she blocked me

When teacher is around

How girls look at boys

My reaction when